When Music Meets AI: The NeutronField x Still Bleeding Collaboration

Neutron Field
2 min readSep 14, 2023

The fusion of art and technology is not a new concept, but the creative realms they can traverse together are ever-evolving. Recently, NeutronField embarked on an adventurous collaboration with the Novi Sad-based band, Still Bleeding, to create a music video completely generated through Generative AI.

AI generated music video by Still Bleeding — Unity In Diversity

The Beginning

Miroslav Kostic, the mind behind NeutronField, opened a dialog with Still Bleeding without much of a promise — AI, especially Generative AI, is akin to Pandora’s box; unpredictable, mysterious, and potentially limitless. The band, enthusiastic and willing to dive into uncharted territories, picked “Unity In Diversity” for this unique venture.

The Process

Our toolset was vast but specialized. Midjourney allowed the crafting of specific scenes, which then got animated with the help of Kaiber.ai. Stable Diffusion SDK, hosted by Kaiber, proved indispensable for rendering these videos quickly. Speed adjustments were then made in AfterEffects, matching the rapid tempo of the song.

Midjourney generated image showing fists in the air

Challenges Faced

As with any pioneering endeavor, hurdles were encountered. Kaiber.ai’s infrastructure, while time-saving, did restrict the aesthetic granularity. Synchronizing the AI-generated visuals with the song’s fast pace in After Effects also presented its set of complexities.

Midjourney generated image showing concert atmosphere

Reception and Learnings

Upon release, the reception was majorly positive, with a few reservations. We gleaned insights from this feedback. Interestingly, a portion of the audience desired more ‘natural’ static frames, and some were challenged by the notion that the creation was AI-generated. The takeaway? There’s room for innovation, and repetitive trials will likely perfect the craft. Both NeutronField and Still Bleeding agreed on one thing — there will be more collaborations of this nature.

Midjourney generated image showing stage diving

Forward Into the Future

The marriage of AI and music in this project has shown us that as we tread into the future, the lines between machine-made and human-made art will blur. Each attempt, each collaboration, and every piece of feedback will bring us one step closer to refining this melding of worlds.

“It’s about exploration, pushing boundaries, and embracing the new while respecting the essence of art. We’ve just begun.”



Neutron Field

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